Calypso Ezili was Kraven the Hunter's lover and appeared to be a voodoo priestess. Calypso presented to Kraven photos of the Spider-Man from a mysterious American friend, and encouraged him to travel to New York and hunt him.[1]

After Kraven's first attack on Spider-Man, she suddenly appeared in a robe and said "You have need of me, love?", to what Kraven replied that he did not call her and turned down her offer of help.[1]

After Kraven's second defeat at the hands of Spider-Man, Calypso rescued him and revealed that their mysterious American friend was actually the Master Planner. The Master Planner then asked Kraven if he would like to hunt in a pack, the Sinister Six.[1]


Seemingly those of Calypso Ezili (Earth-616)

Calypso appears alongside Kraven the Hunter in the The Spectacular Spider-Man episode "Destructive Testing" voiced by Angela Bryant.

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