Cameron Hodge was responsible for kidnapping members of the X-Men and New Mutants in order for them to undergo the mutate process in Genosha. He was defeated by the combined efforts of both teams. Rictor finished it when he brought the main citadel down on Hodge burying him for good.

Many years passed and the Genoshan government was rebuilt by the Press Gang who began to deal with a mutant plague ravaging their shore. But this virus was corrected by the current Genegineer, Aldus Kluge so to distract the Press Gang into going to X-Topia to bring back the healer Triage so he could resurrect Hodge.[1]

Hodge's remains were in Aldus's laboratory while he was running test on an unconscious Triage. Learning how to wield the mutant's ability, Aldus connected a power cable into Hodge's robotic spine which transferred energy into him bringing the cyborg back online.[2]

Hodge awoke and began questioning Kluge about how he got there. Aldus explained to Hodge that he had been killed a long time ago and that he brought him back to help eradicate what was left of the mutant population. During the fight between the X-Men and the Press Gang in the streets above Hammer Bay, Bulletproof dropped through the genegineer' s ceiling along with Wolfsbane.

However he fell right into Cameron Hodge who was already rebuilt from a strain of the Transmode Virus and a adamantium exo-skeleton. Bulletproof also became infected which resulted in a new body for him. As he killed Kluge, Hodge appeared in front of the mutants for a showdown.[3]

Hodge battled against Wolverine when Bulletproof threw him at Hodge with a fastball special but Logan's claws did minimal damage since Hodge's body was also laced with adamantium. Hodge then went on a killing spree, first stabbing Ink in the chest with a tendril and then he did the same thing to Rictor in the head after the former used his shockwave blast to shatter the ground beneath Hodge's feet.

After a long and dragged out confrontation Hodge was finally done for when Bombshell, along with Wolfsbane and Havok had Rogue lift them up to the Blackbird so they could fly it straight into him as Bombshell and Havok used their combined powers to create a huge explosion.[4]


Seemingly those of the Cameron Hodge of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Cameron Hodge of Earth-616.

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