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A member of the Purifiers, Hodge lead the Purifier forces that attacked mutants and humans alike after the Rally Attack. When confronted by the forces of the Brotherhood and X-Men, Hodge fought one of the Teams' new recruit on top of a building before being forced to retreat when Magneto dropped part of a suspension bridge onto the building.

Upgrading his suit, Hodge reappears inside a factory focused on building robotic soldiers for the Purifiers. Fighting the new recruit a second time, Hodge momentarily surrendered as a ploy to give his suit time to repair itself. Gaining a second wind, he continues the fight, only to lose. Falling backward from the platform on which they were fighting, Hodge seemingly died from the drop.[1]



Teleportation: Duplicated from the captured Pixie, Hodge has the power to instantaneously travel between two points in his second armour.



  • Powered Armour: Hodge wears two suits of powered armour through the story. His first is white in colour, allowing him to create energy barriers and blasts as well as launch himself high into the air.
  • Enhanced Armour: Hodge's second armour, which was bright red, allows him to do the same as his previous one, but seemingly stronger. It also includes a gene sample from Megan Gwynn and its ability to repair itself may not be shared by the previous model.


  • Rather humorously, Hodge dies to the sound of the Wilhelm Scream, a stock sound effect that has been used for many years in cinema and television, often being played for humour.

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