Cameroon, officially the Republic of Cameroon, is a country in West Africa. The capital city is Yaoundé and the largest city is Douala.

20th Century

Robert Frank was born to Dr. Emil Frank, a health practitioner. Along with hos father he went on a medical expedition in Cameroon. There Robert contracted a rare tropical virus and was near death. Trying to save his son via blood transfusion from his own body, Emil became delirious and irrational. Determined to save the life of his son, Emil witnessed a mongoose fighting off a killing a cobra, only to be fatally wounded itself. Believing local folklore about the recuperative properties of the mongoose, Emil used the animal in a transfusion, reviving his son. Emil soon died from a combination of the blood transfusions and and shock, Bob meanwhile found that he was endowed with super-human speed.[1]

Modern Era


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