Located 89.3 miles Northwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Camp Echo-1 was originally a Hogan's Alley (an area designated for tactical training). As a favor for S.H.I.E.L.D., it was retrofitted by Amadeus Cho into a containment facility meant to be used for Bruce Banner, in order to create a peaceful environment where he couldn't be a potential danger. It was equipped with an army of disposable androids named Jonas Green, intended to mollify Banner.

Camp Echo-1 from Champions Vol 2 10 001

Inside of the camp

When the United States government was taken over by Hydra, Camp Echo-1 was repurposed as an internment camp for Inhumans. In an attempt to rescue their teammate, Ms. Marvel, the Champions broke into Camp Echo-1. Unfortunately, their arrival caused a violent split in the community. While some Inhumans wanted to escape, others preferred to stay and remain relatively safe.

Camp Echo-1 from Champions Vol 2 10 003

The camp's inhabitants

With Hydra forces approaching after being alerted of the break in, the Champions connected Viv to the town's power grid, giving her enough power to cast a town-wide hologram that camouflaged the entire camp. With the town nowhere to be seen when Hydra aerial forces closed in, they passed by, buying the community of Camp Echo-1 enough time to calm down make a rationalize their situation.[1]

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