Located 89.3 miles Northwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Camp Echo-1 was originally a Hogan's Alley (an area designated for tactical training). As a favor for S.H.I.E.L.D., it was retrofitted by Amadeus Cho into a containment facility meant to be used for Bruce Banner, in order to create a peaceful environment where he couldn't be a potential danger. It was equipped with an army of disposable androids named Jonas Green, intended to mollify Banner.

Inside of the camp

When the United States government was taken over by Hydra, Camp Echo-1 was repurposed as an internment camp for Inhumans. In an attempt to rescue their teammate, Ms. Marvel, the Champions broke into Camp Echo-1. Unfortunately, their arrival caused a violent split in the community. While some Inhumans wanted to escape, others preferred to stay and remain relatively safe.

The camp's inhabitants

With Hydra forces approaching after being alerted of the break in, the Champions connected Viv to the town's power grid, giving her enough power to cast a town-wide hologram that camouflaged the entire camp. With the town nowhere to be seen when Hydra aerial forces closed in, they passed by, buying the community of Camp Echo-1 enough time to calm down make a rationalize their situation.[1]

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