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In Camp Verde, while John Proudstar was chasing a bison on the plain he was suddenly met by Professor X, who offered the man acceptance into his school. The Apache first refused, but then he eventually joined the X-Men and became known as Thunderbird.[1]

Some times later, the X-Force returned to the desolate remains of Camp Verde, using the ghost town as a safe hiding place for several weeks from their outlaw status. As soon as they watched the news about the sudden appearance of Graymalkin in space, they immediately teleported onto the ship.[2] The remaining members Boomer, Siryn and Warpath arrived back from their shopping errand only to find that the rest of the team was nowhere in sight, and became immediately attacked and easily defeated by Saul.[3]

X-Force were then teleported back to their base by Lila Cheney, who later left the group, followed by the weapons depot and the cargo bay terminal from Graymalkin. A message was then heard on their communications array that the Externals were holding their teammates prisoners and demanded that Cannonball gave himself to them or their friends died.[4]
After consulting with Professor X, Cannonball decided to save his teammates by attacking the Externals at Saul's home in Oregon.[5]

Returned to their base after the successful mission, the X-Force was asked by Professor X to rescue Rusty and Skids from the Friends of Humanity, so the group immediately departed again to Plum Island.[6]

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