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Canaan, officially Kingdom of Canaan is a small country in Africa. It borders the nation of Wakanda.



Moses Magnum and his army took over Canaan, usurping the power of its king, Baru, thus acquiring diplomatic immunity. He used the countries money from contract to broaden Canaan's industrial base..[1]

He sent Phreak, to steal a military secrets from Wakanda. He was stopped by Deathlok who was helping Black Panther fix a horde of computer problem.[1]

He then sent a Terrordome to steal the rest. They managed to stop the Terrordome and traced it back to Canaan. They traveled to small nation to talk to King Baru, but they learn of Magnum conquest of the country. Magnum killed Terrordome operator for his failure. They were forced to leave rather then create a diplomatic incident. He then sent Killjoy, to assassinate T'Challa, to throw Wakanda into chaos.[2]

He then claimed Canaan the homeland of African-Americans.[2] They defeated Killjoy, but both were injured in the fight. Magnum contacted Deathlok via hologram and offered him a place in his country if he would secure the Great Mound of Vibranium. He refused, so he sent squadron of Terrordomes to assault Central Wakanda.[3] Deathlok was able to confront Magnum himself, defeating him after a short struggle. Without Magnum's leadership his armies surrendered and Canaan was free once again.[4]


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