Cancer was one of the Life Model Decoy which Scorpio constructed to be a part of his new Zodiac. Scorpio was forced to activate his LMDs early due to an attack by the Defenders.[1] During this fray, Cancer engaged in combat with the Hulk and was smashed to bits.[2]

Later, Scorpio created a new Cancer using the Zodiac Key. This Cancer joined the rest of the Zodiac and a mentally unstable Quicksilver in seeking revenge on the Avengers. Cancer, Gemini and Quicksilver attacked Avengers Mansion. Cancer ended up battling the Wasp who used her bio-sting on his water-vents, shorting him out.[3]

Scorpio created a third Cancer, again using the Zodiac Key. This Cancer joined the other LMDs in attacking the original Zodiac Cartel in Dallas, Texas. The LMDs succeeded in killing all of the original members, with the exception of Cornelius van Lunt and took their places in the criminal underworld. They next attacked a group of businessmen attending a cattle auction in Wichita, but were themselves attacked by the West Coast Avengers. Cancer fought the Moon Knight in this battle but fled when Sagittarius was destroyed by Hawkeye.[4]


  • Original Form: Cancer possessed an armored shell, superhuman strength and blades attached to each of his wrists.
  • Second Form: Possessed an armored shell and had pincer-like hands which he could shoot powerful jets of water from.
  • Third Form: Armored shell, pincer-like hands, superhuman strength

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