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Candra (AoA) in action

An immortal, Candra was the leader of the Thieves Guild of New Orleans until she was recruited by Apocalypse. In her first recorded appearance, she was a member of Apocalypse's original team of Horsemen, along with Sabretooth, War, Nemesis, Death and Gideon. They attacked Cape Citadel in the hopes of using its cache of nuclear weapons against humanity. They were opposed by Magneto's X-Men.

When Sabretooth realized that they actually planned on using the missiles, he mutinied, forcing Candra to take him prisoner. In their clash with the X-Men, Candra unleashed Sabretooth and battled with fellow telekinetic Jean Grey. Ultimately, the X-Men prevented the Horsemen from succeeding in their mission, forcing Candra and the others (minus Sabretooth) to retreat.[1]

Candra was killed by Nemesis in New Orleans, an event that prompted Gambit to join the X-Men.[2]


  • Telekinesis:
  • Immortality:

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