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Candy began her life as a highly-advanced android created by scientists working for billionaire J.D. Hunt. Though her systems were amazingly advanced, Hunt only wanted her to use as a sex doll. When Hunt took Candy with him on a San Francisco trolley car, some of the other passengers took offense at his actions of openly making out with Candy and threw the billionaire off. Before Candy could do anything, the trolley was struck by a mysterious bolt of blue lightning! The "jump-start effect" of the lightning affected even Candy's mechanical body and computer brain, turning her artificial intelligence into actual sentience. Confused and disoriented, Candy wandered the streets for a time before joining with a group of fellow passengers who had been granted Ultra-powers by the lightning, forming a superhero team called "The Strangers". Discovering she had also been given the power to shoot electrical blasts, Candy took the codename ElectoCute.[citation needed]

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She has the ability to project bolts of electricity, as well as a highly durable body.

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