The Candy Men are sentient pieces of candy that live in the potentially imaginary land known as Nowhere. They live in a massive amusement park located somewhere in the land. Their primary antagonists are the Gloomy Gusses who seek to make the otherwise happy Candy People sad. When Jimmy Jupiter visited their home, he did not understand that the Candy People were alive and attempted to eat one of their children. Chased by an angry mob, Jupiter hid in a pond out of their reach.

When the Gloomy Gusses attacked their home, the Candy People would be powerless to stop them, those stabbed by the Gusses' pitch forks malted. Jimmy Jupiter discovered that the Gloomy Gusses were vulnerable to tickling and sent them packing. The Candy People who were effected were restored to normal in a massive freezer and they celebrated their victory with Jimmy.[1]

Powers and Abilities


When poked by the pitch fork of a Gloomy Gus, a Candy Person would melt. They could be restored by being frozen.


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Mob rule
Level of Technology: None.
Cultural Traits: They live a life of constant amusement.

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