Canyon Pete was a outlaw that was active during the days of the American Frontier. He and his gang orchestrated a complicated plot to steal a shipment of gold bullion that was being run by rail from Grange City to nearby Tartleton some 40 miles away. To this end, Canyon Pete and his gang built another set of tracks which led the train away from Tartleton to Hidden Canyon where they took the engineers hostage and began unloading the train.

However, their trip to Hidden Canyon took them across the property of the Bar T Ranch. The rancher's daughter Penelope Watson spotted Canyon Pete and his gang and rode into town to have the sheriff arrest them for trespassing. However, when she arrived in town she found the sheriff was too busy trying to solve the mystery of the missing train. She instead got the aid of the Two-Gun Kid who followed Canyon Pete's trail to Hidden Canyon. There, Canyon Pete got the drop on Two-Gun and Penelope while they were uncovering his train tracks. Before Pete could shoot them, Two-Gun's horse Cyclone kicked the guns out of Pete's hand. Two-Gun then shot Canyon Pete dead and held his gang at gunpoint until the sheriff and his posse could come and arrest them.[1]


Canyon Pete was armed with a six shooter.

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