The man who was known as Cap'N Derelict was the captain of a sixteenth century pirate vessel that sunk some twelve miles away from US shores carrying a treasure chest of gold. Not wishing to part with his gold, Derelict and his crew somehow managed to cheat death and continue to exist on Earth as spirits that guarded the gold aboard the ship.

The ship and it's treasure was not discovered until the mid 20th century by a Russian spy by the name of Mr. Big. In 1954, Mr. Big and his American accomplice, American entertainment producer Willie Roese chartered a ship to the crash location in order to siphon out the water in order to take the treasure. In order to avoid detection, they also set up an aquacade show. they had hoped to use the gold to fund communist activities.

However Cap'n Derelict and his crew unplugged most of the draining pipes preventing the old ship from being raised from the ocean floor. Also complicating things were the inclusion of the Sub-Mariner and Namora who investigated the strange vessel not far from the show they were participating in. Meeting with Cap'n Derelict and his crew, Namor and Namora agreed to assist them in stopping Mr. Big and his minions from stealing the gold.

The captain and his crew tied up the entire diving team forcing the increasingly impatient Mr. Big dive below to get the gold himself. The pirates then gave it to the communist agent quite literally: by dumping it all over him. The weight of the gold kept Mr. Big pinned down and made him easy for capture. In the aftermath, the underwater current swept away the gold.[1]

The fate of the spirits of Cap'n Derelict and his crew is unknown.


As a ghost Cap'n Derelict is immaterial and can assume invisibility. A spiritual manifestation, Derelict does not age, get sick or grow old. He is immune to any physical harm. He has exhibited abilities to manipulate physical objects, seemingly becoming tangible but this is likely just a visual manifestation of psychokinetic abilities.


Presumably, the Captain is highly susceptible to mystical attacks.

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