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Cape Citadel was a United States missile base. It was the site of Magneto's first act of genetic terrorism in his war with humanity, as well as the site of Magneto's first battle with the original X-Men. The X-Men thwarted Magneto's takeover of the base, thus defeating him.[1]

Years later, Warp Savant re-enacted this battle in assaulting the base. Unable to defeat the X-Men, he seemingly committed suicide.[2]

As a plan B for the plan to restore the future, Xorn's Brotherhood attacked the military base, "where the X-Men were born", in order to cancel their existence, and were opposed by past, future, Wolverine's, and Cyclops' X-Men, before S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier stopped over them.[3]

Alternate Universe Versions[]


Cape Citadel was the place of the first attack of Apocalypse, when he sent his Horsemen along Sabretooth.[4]

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