Cape Crow was an assassin with a legendary reputation who decided to retire in order to have a family. Not content to let him leave the game, the Assassins Guild put out a hit on him. This forced Cape Crow and his family to spend their days in hiding.[1]

Cape Crow was tracked down by Scalphunter, Bullseye, Taskmaster, and Sabretooth at his safehouse at the Arctic Circle. Crow was able to defeat the assassins but went further into hiding, leaving his son behind.[2]

His son, desperate to find his father, recruited Elektra to help him find Cape Crow.[3] The three of them then tracked down the leader of the Assassins Guild in order to free Cape Crow from the target on his back.[4]


  • Telepathy/Precognition: Cape Crow can see an opponent's moves milliseconds before they make them. He describes it as precognition but, during a fight between them, Elektra recognizes it as telepathy instead, that Crow is reading her mind in order to anticipate her next move.[5]


  • Expert Combatant
  • Expert Marksman


  • Since his powers rely being able to read his opponent's mind to anticipate their moves, Elektra was able to counter this by acting on instinct rather than thought.[5]


  • Cape Crow has two different high tech suits of armor that protect him from various risks such as bullets and fire. [5][6]


  • Various guns

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