The Capitan was the leader of the conquistadors, and sent out some of his men to capture and bring the Man-Thing to him. This failed and the conquistadors died through unknown causes, Captain blamed Man-Thing, so when he tried to enter the city the captain attempted to kill him. When this failed he went to see the Fathers, who asked him to bring Man-Thing to them. [1]


The Capitan was granted eternal youth from bathing in the waters from the Fountain of Eternal Youth, which replaced his blood with its waters. He is immune to the effects of aging and disease (even including the zombie virus of Earth-2149), but he can still be killed by injury. The waters have also diminished his ability to feel emotion, and if he does feel emotion despite this dulling, he will lose his immortality. He is also unable to leave the vicinity of Fountain of Eternal Youth without losing his immortality.

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