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The Capo was an Inhuman who lived only as an astral entity, possessing bodies as a parasite to sustain his life. He'd been the head of the Ennilux Corporation for centuries, if not millennia. Every generation, within the Ennilux's ranks, the creation of a body fitting as the "Capo" host was genetically engineered, but the last ones were too weak, flawed. This led, for the first time in the history of the organization, to the decision to pass on the "Capo" conscience in the body of a NuHuman that seemed to have the constitution and the genetic sequences required for the transfer.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Energy Soul/Energized Spiritual Entity: The Capo is a spectral being who must cast his essence into the bodies of other able bodied Inhumans to survive. Capo's inhuman power is the materialization of his spiritual self as an energy being capable of a great many things.
    • Intangibility: Being a specter Capo is unaffected by physical obstructions.
    • Corporealization: Though a ghost like entity, he can still physically interact with the world.
    • Wings
      • Wing Blades
    • Claws
    • Possession: As an energized spirit he can take full possession of anyone he desires and utilize their abilities at will. The bodies burn out quick so he must constantly hop from host to host, only those with the right genetic make up will serve as proper receptacles for his essence until they age over time.


The Capo needs a body to host himself in or his spirit will dissipate and he will die. If the host he currently occupying dies then he himself will perish along with it.


  • "Capo" is the Italian word for "chief".

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