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Quote1.png It's startin' to look I just might die here -- but I ain't cashin' in yet! I been with the Cap'n too long to count him outta the action till the dice are tossed! Quote2.png
Seaman Blarney Stone

Appearing in "Holocaust On Hydra Island"

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  • HYDRA Submarine

Synopsis for "Holocaust On Hydra Island"

Continued from last issue...

Savage & Morita fight their way to the HYDRA base just in time to rescue their men from a firing squad, but not before listening to Strucker regale them with the origin of the group known as HYDRA. Savage & Morita defeat the HYDRA agents and Strucker escapes. The escapees find a sub waiting for them and they comandeer the vessel and Savage drops the Japanese crew off at one of their vessels before leaving for his own HQ.


  • This issue contains the origin of HYDRA

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