The Captain was a resident of Neverland who lived there for an unknown amount of time with his Lost Boys and never aged. At some point he entered a duel with Klaw who lost his hand to the captain which was eaten by a crocodile. One evening, he along Wasp visited Wanda and Pietro and invited them to Neverland, Wanda was reluctant at first but was ultimately convinced. Using Pixie Dust they flew to Neverland and hid in some clouds to spy on Klaw, however Klaw knew where they were hiding and used his new weapon on the trio separating them. Wanda began to plummet to the ground near the Lost Boys who fired on her. The Captain attempted to inverevene but ultimately she saved herself with magic and after a brief introduction the group went to find Pietro, who had landed close by. Klaw however had found him first and when the group arrived to his last known location, Klaw captured them. Wanda and the rest woke up to find themselves on Klaw's pirate ship and Wanda used her magic to free the Lost Boys and a short battle ensued. Klaw escaped but was chased down by Wanda and the Captain, after trying to subdue him, the crocodile who ate Klaw's hand arrived for the rest of him. Wanda, Pietro and the Lost Boys escaped the sinking ship, leaving the Captain behind to try and rescue his shadow.[1]


The Captain's shadow can act independent of him and light sources. It occasionally manifests itself as a shield.

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