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Captain Achhimmel was the special detail chief of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany during World War II. By the summer of 1942, he was primarily in charge of executing those who spoke against the state, notably famous artists and writers. Like many before him, his operations were targeted by the Destroyer, earning the Nazi's ire. He and his colleague Inga von Leche began working together in the hopes of destroying the hero once and for all.

They would become dupes to the Destroyer's brand of vigilante justice, when the hero posed as German writer Louis Kramer and earned their trust. They agreed to "Kramer's" plot to have someone pose as the Destroyer and pretend to rescue three outspoken German writers in order to lure the real Destroyer into a trap and capture him. Ironically, Achhimmell and Leeche chose "Kramer" to play the role. The fake break out was pulled off, and the German writers were recaptured. However, when the "real" Destroyer came to re-rescue their captives, he succeeded. During the clash, Inga accidentally shot Achhimmel, killing him. Although she would tell "Kramer" later that the Destroyer had killed her superior officer -- she apparently was happier having slain Achhimmel and take his place than she was capturing the Destroyer.[1]



Achhimmel was armed with a Luger.


Captain Achhimmel, like many other German characters who appeared in Destroyer stories, has a name that is a play on the German language. "Achhimmel" is a parody of the phrase "Ach Himmel" which translates to "Oh Heavens".

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