Quote1 I already killed that big, blubbery thorn in your side! Your life's work is over! The least you could do is give me a high-five before I cut your heart out! Quote2
-- Dreadpool src

Little is detailed about Captain Ahab’s life before Dreadpool began murdering the inhabitants of the Ideaverse, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as Captain Ahab from the novel, Moby-Dick.

Captain Ahab took Dreadpool aboard his ship after he emerged from the body of Moby Dick and ran away as he began slaying his crew, starting with Ishmael.[1]

After being confronted by Deadpool, Captain Ahab was rescued by the Nautilus.[2]

While aboard the Nautilus, Ahab worked with Captain Nemo as they followed the Little Mermaid, who led them to the wreck of the Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea, 1754. Two survivors were taken aboard the submarine, but they were revealed to be Dreadpool and Frankenstein's Monster, who began murdering the crew, Ahab was stabbed by Dreadpool.[3]

Later, all the characters from Ideaverse were resurrected by Sherlock Holmes, who has restored that universe.[4]


One of his legs is a whalebone peg-leg


The Pequod

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