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Captain America's Hotline (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 2 001

Hotline headquarters

Captain America's Hotline was a nationwide telephone service enabling American citizens to directly contact Captain America with information pertaining to national security, or crises beyond the scope of conventional authorities.

Captain America established the toll-free hotline using funds he obtained from the U.S. Government as his back pay since World War II. The hotline service was headquartered in a nondescript building in Brooklyn Heights, New York, and was fully computer-automated so it required no personnel.

Incoming calls were recorded, transferred to printed text, and transmitted by computer to Captain America's portable briefcase terminal, an interface for which was housed in his van.

All messages were simultaneously sent to the Stars and Stripes, an independent nationwide network of computer enthusiasts who volunteered to assist Captain America in his data processing. The volunteers scanned all messages, correlating them as to duplication, urgency, and location.

This information extract was then forwarded by computer through telephone lines to Captain America as he roved the country; thus he had constant access to information regarding his mission to serve the nation.[1]


Sam Wilson, the all-new Captain America, reestablished the hotline as part of his effort to connect with the American public. Those seeking Cap's assistance could send in a voicemail, video message, or even a social media post.[2]

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