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Captain America's Van
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Captain America travelled in a custom-built Chevrolet van whose nondescript outward appearance allows him to travel incognito. The van was outfitted by the Wakanda Design Group, the same company which serviced the Avengers' quinjets and automobiles. The van's interior contained a mount for the Captain's motorcycle and a built-in cot for sleeping. Built into the engine housing was a computer interface cradle designed to work in conjunction with Captain America's briefcase modem-computer system to enable him to receive messages from his hotline service.


Curb Weight: 5,900 lbs.
Engine: Chevrolet turbo-charged electronically fuel-injected V-8 290 cubic inch 210 horsepower
Overall Length: 162 in.
Wheel Base: 82 in.
Steering radius, 80° turn: 66 in.
Range at 6,300 lbs. (140 gallons @ 30 miles per gallon at 55 mph): 4,200 miles
0-40 mph acceleration: 4.2 sec.
0-60 mph acceleration: 7.5 sec.
0-100 mph acceleration: 11.5 sec.
Special Features: Alternating license plates. Multilayered skin includes epitaxial tomographically-aligned crystal film that allows vehicle to change color.

Alternate Realities

In Earth-600043, Captain America travels in an apparently common van that holds his motorcycle in the back. Captain America can leave the van riding the bike.[1]. This van was seen in the 1979 movie Captain America II: Death Too Soon, seven years before its counterpart appeared in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

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