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Synopsis for "A Little Help"

Zach McKenzie's life could not be any worse than what it already is. He lives in a rundown apartment, his grades are extremely low, his father died in a car accident a few years ago, his mom may get married again, he can't pay the energy bill, and his girlfriend hates him. There is only one way out for him - suicide.

Heading up the fire escape, Zach gets onto the edge of the roof. Tears streaming down his face, he takes a step forward to fall to his death. Suddenly, he is blasted backwards to safety, and then sees Captain America fighting Hydra soldiers on the roof of the building across the street. As Cap defeats all of the soldiers, the awed yet horrified Zach watches as a Hydra robot flies over him to finish Cap off. The robot knocks Cap's shield over to where Zach is and then pins Cap on the ground. Realizing he can help, Zach picks up the shield and clumsily tosses it. It lands on the robot's head and then falls within arms reach of Cap. The robot proceeds to blast Zach, giving Cap time to pick up the shield and destroy the robot. It is then revealed that the missile intended to hit Zach happened to miss him completely, and Cap gives him a thumbs up without realizing why the kid is on the roof.

Zach heads back into his apartment, now having a new view on life. He finds a suicide prevention phone number in the newspaper, dials it, and says the only dialogue in the whole comic: "I need help".

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