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Solicit Synopsis

Captain America takes center stage just in time for his blockbuster motion picture in an all-new collection of OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE profiles spanning the Star-Spangled Super-Soldier’s 70-year history! Including allies (Bernie Rosenthal, Peggy Carter, the U.K.’s Captain Kerosene, the Golden Age’s Golden Girl/Betty Ross), enemies (Max Fury, Nefarius, Professor Power, Vamp), oddball adventures (Night People of Zero Street, the Tzin race, Dead Ringer), those responsible for his origins (Project Rebirth, Heinz Kruger, Abraham Erskine) and even alternate-reality Captain Americas (2099 A.D., Mutant X)! Plus: updates on Steve Rogers himself; the new Captain America (Bucky Barnes); the vile Hydra organization; and Cap’s archenemy, the Red Skull (Johann Schmidt)!

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