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Captain America

Appearing in "Hail Hydra: Part I"

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)




Synopsis for "Hail Hydra: Part I"

In 1944, Adolf Hitler has accelerated his latest version of the Nazi Super-Soldier progam. Dr. Gerst has developed a formula to revive dead Nazis while enhancing their strength and durability. Cap and Bucky have covertly gone to the program's headquarters at Drache Castle in Germany. After some surveilance, Cap and Bucky attack and immediately encounter an enhanced Nazi named Erkling. Cap is surprised at Erkling's strength but is able to punch him out. Unfortunatley, Dr. Gerst has multiple super Nazis who capture the Steve and Bucky. Gerst notes that he wants to study America's super-soldier on one of his slabs. During his examination, Dr. Gerst also explains that his loyalty is not to the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, but to his own mysterious historic organization. Gerst is about to inject Cap with his formula, when Frau Lohn enters the fray with gunfire. She is able to free Cap and Bucky and quickly subdues Dr. Gerst and puts a pistol to his head. At that time Baron Strucker stabs Lohn from behind a curtain and escapes with Dr. Gerst. In the confustion, Strucker and Gerst escape. Cap and Bucky leave Frau Lohn with individuals they believe to be a part of the German Underground movement. It appears that Frau Lohn will survive her stab wound. The tale ends with the two German Underground operatives revealing that they are actually members of HYDRA also!


Continuity Notes

  • Nazi's Thule Society is revealed to be the 1940s incarnation of Hydra. Baron von Strucker previously tried to create Hydra as his personal paramilitary force back in 1941, but he was stopped by Captain America, Bucky and Nick Fury.[1] In 1943, after having failed a mission ordered by Adolf Hitler himself,[2] Strucker escaped from Germany with the help of the Red Skull,[3] traveling to Japan to help form a newly reorganized Hydra.[4] Since then, Strucker has regained Hitler's favor and has returned in Germany, where he secretly stole Nazi Party's resources to fund Hydra.[5] Since Strucker had been shown as Thule Society's leader in 1942,[6] before official east-based Hydra's creation, it's possible Strucker has taken inspiration by Hitler's occult society's secret history to create organization's every incarnation. After Strucker had returned in Germany, he possibly merged his east-based Hydra with Thule Society, as hinted in this issue due to Strucker's green Hydra suit.
  • Previous interactions between Captain America and the Thule Society can be seen in Fear Itself: Book of the Skull #1 and Captain America and Namor #635.1

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