Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Lauren Fox


  • Vladimir Illyich Volkov (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:

  • Colonel Gridenko (Main story and flashback)
  • Captain Sorin (Only in flashback) (Death)
  • Layland




Synopsis for 1st story

Flashing back to 1973, a younger Soviet officer Gridenko, remembers his time at this remote military facility. During an interrogation with an incarcerated Volkov after his travels to space, almost every solider in the camp commits suicide. Shortly before killing himself, the commanding officer, Captain Soren, orders Gridenko to abandon the camp. Gridenko runs out of the facility and secures the location.

Years later, Gridenko is a colonel in the Russian army. With all the present activity in the area, and the belief that a new technology is within the cremians of the crashed Deux space vessel, Gridenko tells oficials from the Russian government that he knows something is unnatural about this area. The soldiers march on the camp regardless and two are transformed into larger, willowy, and hostile creatures. They shoot these creatures with no effect.

At the time, Captain America and Lauren Fox emerge from their concealment. Cap cuts the heads off of the creatures with his shield. Tense moments take place with Cap and the Russian troops. After comparing notes, Dr. Fox suggests that these creatures are made of dark energy and that the unique properties of Cap's shield is very effective in killing them. They also noted that there is some connection with the Deux operation and Volkov.

Gridenko, Fox, and Cap soon explore the Deux facility. Cap sees another dark energy creature, which appears to be Fox's former co-worker Layland, and throws his shield at it. The shield crashes through the bulkhead of the craft and lands in the snow. Without his unique shield, Cap is transformed into one of the dark energy creatures! TO BE CONCLUDED!

Solicit Synopsis

Captain America battles alien mutants in the Siberian wasteland!Why was this Russian science facility abandoned decades ago --and what survives within?How is Cap's shield the key to unlocking the mystery of this deadly alien force?

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