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Quote1 My job is to make tomorrow's world better. Always has been. Once, long ago, I asked Bucky what purpose Captain America served outside of combat. It was a foolish question. There'll always be something to fight for. And I'll always be a soldier. Quote2
Captain America

Appearing in "Man Out of Time, Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Man Out of Time, Part 5"

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Solicit Synopsis

Be careful what you wish for, Steve Rogers, particularly when that wish is granted by one of the Avengers' greatest foes! You've never seen this part of Cap's history before--and the revelation will stun you!


Kang returned Captain America to August 1945 to pick up his life as if his time with the Avengers had been a brief trip to the future but ultimately Steve finds out he no longer has a place in 1945.

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