Quote1 Yeah, I'm protecting my country...from Captain America. Quote2
-- Betsy Ross

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BUCKY SHOT! NEAR DEAD! CAP RELENTLESSLY PURSUES GUNMAN! In a story that changes his life forever, Jeff Mace must prove he's not just worthy of being Captain America, but worthy of being Bucky's partner as well. Making matters worse: he thinks he knows who pulled the trigger... but hopes with all his heart he's wrong. Guest-starring the Sub-Mariner, original Human Torch, and other All-Winners Squad members... plus the dazzling debut of Golden Girl! After this, nothing will ever be the same for Captain America...


  • Events in this issue (Bucky's shooting and Golden Girl becoming Captain America's partner) coincide with Captain America Comics #66.
  • In this issue, Jeff Mace reveals that he grew up on Yancy Street.
  • In this issue, Betsy Ross takes possession of The Spirit of 76' bulletproof cape, dyes it green, and makes it part of her "Golden Girl" attire.

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