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Quote1.png Betsy and I didn't go looking for Glendale -- it's more like Glendale found us. The instant I saw it, I knew this was the perfect place to make our home. Some might find its new subdivisions and streets a bit sparse, but I see a blank canvas that we can paint to our liking. I see a frontier -- one that can be tamed with picket fences and newly planted rosebushes, true...but that's about all the excitement we want in our lives right now. I see the chance to build something better, something brighter, something we can call our own. I see the American Dream. Quote2.png
Jeff Mace

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Synopsis for "Patriot"

Jeff Mace becomes somewhat dillusioned by not being assigned to major cases by his government handlers, such as organized crime in America. His partner and romantic interest, Golden Girl has been reassigned away from him and his former partner Fred Davis has retired from the superhero business to become one of Mace's government handlers (along with the irascible Agent Skinner). Jeff Mace eventually learns that Agent Skinner plans to send Mace to Korea, where he will probably be killed, and someone else will assume the mantle of Captain America.

However, Jeff Mace, as Captain America, does continue to fight street criminals in New York City. While giving a speech to a middle school, he becomes involved in situation where a young boy has been kidnapped. He rescues the young man and becomes aware of a secret U.S. government organization: Operation Vanguard. Jeff determines that Agent Skinner is involved in unethical conduct with Vanguard. Captain America subtly threatens to exposure Skinner. Reluctantly, Skinner allows Jeff Mace to retire and locate Betty Ross. Mace find Betty and immediately proposes. The two retire from government service. Mace returns to his first career, writing for the Glendale Gazette. Mace muses over the new Captain America. Betty and Jeff spend a great deal of time with their nephew Thad and appear to enjoy an idyllic life.

Solicit Synopsis

The early 1950s: the age of McCarthyism and the Cold War. Jeff Mace finally feels comfortable as Captain America, and loves working with his new partner, Golden Girl, but he notices that they are called on only to deal with common criminals, not world threats. Can it be that the American government doesn't trust Captain America? As the world changes around him and allies become enemies, Jeff Mace learns the full responsibilities of being Captain America and the true meaning of being a patriot.


  • Jeffrey Mace's middle name "Solomon" is revealed this issue.


  • Although Captain America speaks at a middle school in the 1950's, the "Middle School Concept" was not prevalent in American society at this time.

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