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Quote1 If Rogers' body disappeared during the transfer...where, exactly, did he go? Quote2
Norman Osborn

Appearing in ""Captain America: Reborn" Part 1"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for ""Captain America: Reborn" Part 1"

Bucky and Natasha break into the HAMMER Helicarrier to try and steal Arnim Zola's device, believing it can help them save Steve Rogers, until they are confronted by Ares and Venom. Meanwhile, Vision, Falcon, and Sharon Carter go to Hank Pym to enlist his help with trying to figure out what Zola and the Red Skull had been doing. Zola reveals to Norman Osborn that they were using a variation of Dr. Doom's time platform to retrieve Steve Rogers from the past before Sharon damaged it, causing Steve Rogers to become unstuck in time. Steve is shown bouncing from place to place and time to time throughout his past.

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