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Synopsis for 1st story

Steve Rogers is at the event when Inuit tribesmen find his frozen body, only for Namor to attack. Despite all that he wished, Namor doesn't notice him.

In the present, Reed Richards meets with Namor to check on Rogers' body. First they see it, then it disappears. Reed then calls Hank Pym to inform him of the problem only for the latter to tell him that Sharon is considering turning herself in to secure Bucky's release and because Osborn has implicated her as a second shooter in Rogers' death. Black Widow tells her not to give into the ultimatum.

Meanwhile, the Thunderbolts have Bucky captive on the Thunderstrike. Bucky is very angry that Scourge is touching his shield; Ghost interjects that Osborn wants him in the Thunderbolts when they bring Rogers back; Bucky responds by attempting to headbutt him only to go straight through. Scourge then puts his foot to his face. Paladin reminds him that they have orders not to touch him; Scourge isn't worried; Bucky's a nobody.

Steve flashes to the Kree-Skrull War, where he and the Avengers are on a Skrull ship. Once they've taken control of the ship, Steve attempts to leave a note for the Vision to remember.

In the present, Falcon crashes right into the Thunderstrike. While he fights the Thunderbolts, Ant-Man secretly releases Bucky, who then beats up Scourge; Falcon pushes the Ghost outside. The two then leave the planet. Unfortunately, they've learned that Sharon has already turned herself in.

At the Red Skull's hideout, he mutters that Osborn doesn't know how Sharon is involved in his plans. He is interrupted by Sin and Crossbones, who were sent by Osborn. The Red Skull is ashamed to be seen as he is; Sin gives him his Red Skull mask, which he puts over his robot eye as they prepare to get to Latveria to get him a living body.

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