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Quote1 Sam, you are a black man, and you are Captain America. Nobody ever notices history when it's happening, but let me tell you -- that is not a thing, that is the thing. And most of us, all the time -- we just try to play like it's normal, try not to make you think about what's on your shoulders, but -- sorry, champ -- that don't mean it isn't. And this is one of those times when there's no getting around it. A lot of kids here in South Philly, they got to look up in the sky and see Jim and say that could be them someday. That kind of hope is in way too short supply these days, but -- well, now they don't have him. But at least they still have you -- and now you need to make sure that's enough. Quote2
Misty Knight

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• In a time of crisis, Sam is called upon to honor a fallen hero-- and speak to a divided nation. But is anyone listening?

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