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Quote1 I get it, man -- I really do. It was supposed to be a protest. And it was. But who paid for it, really? The people who hated you, they just got exactly what they wanted -- you weren't carrying that shield around anymore -- but the ones who believed in you? Who supported you? And we were out there, even if we didn't have the numbers, you know. And sure, you were doing other good stuff after you gave it up, I know that, but -- maybe this is what we need now. I'm not saying you gotta come back for good. I wouldn't blame anybody for not wanting to deal with all that nonsense. But this exact moment? I dunno, man... look at these people -- they lost everything. Then they lost everything again. Don't they deserve a Captain America? Quote2

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• No more prevaricating! No more hesitation! Sam Wilson is back in harness as Captain America — to lead the fight against his ultimate foe!

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