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Quote1.png I thought I told you people ---- I'm Captain America. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Old Soldier"

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Synopsis for "Old Soldier"

It has been two days since Captain America was thawed from his suspended animation and joined the Avengers. As he and Iron Man walk around his old neighborhood, Tony worries that Steve may not adapt well to the new time period he has found himself in. After an old man confronts Steve about being Captain America, a group of robots attack the two heroes. Iron Man rushes to fight them, leaving Captain America behind, worrying that a time-displaced soldier with a mere shield might not prove a match for the villains. Tony soon realizes that these new enemies are the Gargantus, who possess a hypnotic gaze. The robots team up against Iron Man and soon have him hypnotized. The last page shows Iron Man attacking Captain America.

Appearing in "The Great Pretender"

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Synopsis for "The Great Pretender"

A man with gray hair wearing a straitjacket exclaims that he is Captain America. The doctors observing him write him off as insane, however, it is revealed that the man truly is Captain America undercover to check on another man who somehow knows all of SHIELD's secrets and spews them out randomly.


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