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Paul Jenkins’ (MYTHOS) run on Theater of War comes to a close, in this, his most personal and poignant tale of the legacy of Captain America. From America’s first Independence Day, through wars that nearly tore the country apart, to the rebirth of a nation, the spirit of Captain America has always been with us. And no one embodies that better than Steve Rogers


Captain America appears as a ghost during the most important moments of American history. Paul Jenkins explained, "he is the sum total of all of the most important and meaningful and meaningless and mundane and intense moments throughout the history of the U.S. He is the personification of America. [...] we journey across time to see Cap as the ghost of his country. He exists throughout all of the most important moments of American military history. He was there. And he was there because the sum total of everything that was happening made him come alive. It's kind of a strange concept I suppose, but he is alive because of everything these soldiers did. Every American soldier brings Captain America alive." In Captain America: Bicentennial Battles, Jack Kirby sent Captain America through time to visit key moments of American history. In Captain America: Reborn Ed Brubaker sends Captain America's conscience bouncing back and forth through his own life.

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