Quote1 You do...? Then...train me. Make me your partner. I promise I'll listen to you. Just...don't leave me here when everybody else goes over... Quote2
-- Bucky

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Synopsis for "It Happened One Night"

Steve Rogers retells how James Barnes became Captain America's sidekick Bucky. Steve starts off how James first saw Captain America through American propaganda at the movie theater and how Bucky knew he'd be the one to win the war. Not soon after he details how James found out Steve was Captain America after accidentally stumbling into his tent while he was changing into costume. This revelation led to James' training to become Captain America's partner. After his training was over James was given his costume and chose his middle name "Bucky" as his superhero name which meant he was finally ready to join Captain America in the war effort.

Steve then recounts the two's first mission where they parachuted into enemy territory and how one small mistake could cast you your life. The two took on a band of Nazis who were moving explosives. The two handled them quick enough but during the fight a box of explosives caught fire and nearly could have killed either one. This led to Steve scolding Bucky that war isn't like the movies and that you need to be careful if you're going to survive. Which leads Steve to think that if he was harder with that message Bucky wouldn't have died during the war.


  • This story was meant to act as a prologue for 6 issues that would follow after, however the next issue wouldn't be released until 2015 and would only have 5 more issues instead of the projected 6.

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