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Synopsis for "A Hole in the Head"

Steve continues his story about teaming up with Bucky and the Howling Commandos on a mission in France.

The group was caught dead in their tracks having just arrived at the top of the mountain they had just climbed. The Nazi's had them lined up execution style and were taunting their abilities. Captain America seeing that they were being underestimated acted quickly. He took their commander by surprise, and using his shield he held the patrol's fire. Seeing their opening the rest of the group pounced, knocking out their captors while they were distracted. The Howlers wanted to throw them off the cliff they just scaled, claiming they deserved worse than that. Captain America however was against that, suggesting that they shouldn't become the monsters they're fighting. Instead he had the Howling Commandos tie the Nazis up on the trees in the nearby forest. The group then took their clothing to use as a disguise while Captain America and Bucky stayed in costume to be used as fake prisoners.

Continuing down their path the group met up with a French woman blocking their way along with a group of her own behind her. It didn't take long for the groups to come to blows seeing as the Howlers were dressed as Nazis. The fight is eventually called off and the woman is revealed to be Marilyne also known as the Gypsy who is also their contact within the French Revolution. Marilyne introduces the rest of her team of revolutionaries dubbing themselves Cirque de la Revolution. The group already had an idea that Captain America and the Howling Commandos had a confrontation with the Nazis as they found the group they left tied up. Turns out the revolutionaries threw them off the cliff near where they were tied up. This as you can expect drew a mouthful from Captain America but Marilyne shouted right back at him stating that he's come to their country wearing the flag of another. Stating he wouldn't even understand what they're going through given it is not his country that is being occupied by the Nazis.

The group continues to travel together and eventually find themselves traveling within the sewers below Paris. After traveling for a bit within the tunnels they make their way to a ladder. Captain America taking point, scales the ladder and discovers why their group is in Paris to begin with. Lifting the lid of the sewers Captain America spots the Red Skull himself.

Solicit Synopsis


• Captured! With CAP and BUCKY behind enemy lines, who will save them?

• Definitely not the HOWLING COMMANDOS! They’ve been taken prisoner, too!

• You’ll never believe who the newest Nazi soldiers are!

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