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Synopsis for "It's A Wonderful Life"

Steve Rogers continues his recap of a prior mission.

Captain America is in front of the Eiffel Tower calling out to the Red Skull after having just revealed his ultimatum to Captain America. Steve is forced to save Paris from the explosives that the Red Skull has planted or to save his trusted partner Bucky. Wasting no time, Captain America drives a Nazi motorcycle he had commandeered earlier and ramps it right up and off of the Eiffel Tower, flinging himself onto a zeppelin that the Red Skull had fled onto with Bucky as his prisoner. Whilst flying through the air Captain America punches the Red Skull with all his might with the intention of ending him right then and there.

Meanwhile at the Louvre Museum the Howling Commandos and the Cirque de la Revolution are at a standstill with Baron von Strucker and his Nazi forces. Olivier Batroc had just revealed himself as a traitor with the intention of saving the lives of the troupe, his family. However Strucker only intended to allow them their lives, Olivier and his friends were going to be sent to Auschwitz while France is to burn. In a last ditch effort Olivier takes a bullet for the group dying in Marilyne which sets forth an all out brawl. The allied forced pushing back the Nazi threat.

Jump back to Captain America who continues his battle with the Red Skull. The Red Skull pulls out some explosives with the intend of blowing both them up. Bucky slices the zeppelin and all three fall towards the ground with the zeppelin exploding a they fall. The pair are saved by Marilyne who has outstretched her scarves to act as a safety net for the two. Captain America however is still on high alert about the explosives in the Eiffel Tower but Nick Fury reassures him that the Red Skull had the detonator and with him gone Paris is saved for the moment.

Marilyne and Steve share a moment of acceptance between each other's ideals before they also share a kiss. Fury tells Steve that he's aware of his and Bucky's real identities before saying he'd never tell. Not soon after the pair ride off out through France's country side with Bucky curious as to if Steve made his move with Marilyne. Steve's coy, but acknowledges to his young sidekick that the two kissed.

Flash forward to a couple days after Steve was defrosted and is visiting Arlington National Cemetery where he sees tow memorials, one to himself and one for Bucky, side by side each other. Upon viewing it he destroys his own memorial saying it isn't right, leaving Steve to ride off.

Solicit Synopsis

• This is it! The long awaited finale to Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s epic Captain America story!

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