Nikki Gold
Just messin' with you, Cap.
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Captain America (Steve Rogers)
I hardly consider this an occasion for humor.
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Nikki Gold
C'mon lighten up. We're heading into a mission that could potentially save the human race -- I think I'm allowed a giggle or two
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Appearing in "The Traveler"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Korvac (Main story and flashback)

Other Characters:

  • Galactus (Only in flashback)
  • A Ziffifer
  • Rocktoids




Synopsis for "The Traveler"

Cap, Nikki, and Firelord pursue Michael Korvac to the Year 3003 and Galactus' Ship. Cap and Nikki look for the Ultimate Nullifier while Firelord battles Korvac. However, before the Nullifier is found, Firelord is defeated and knocked through the hull of the ship. Korvac appears triumphant... or is he? To be Continued.

Solicit Synopsis

Bad enough Captain America is a hero from the 1940s trapped in today’s he’s a FUGITIVE trapped in the 30th century! Can the mysterious Korvac figure out a way to get Cap back home, or is the Star-Spangled Avenger forever on the run from a future gone mad!?


  • In this issue, Nikki Gold notes that only 8% of Taa II has presently been explored.

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