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  • Dryden (Only appearance)[1]
  • Randolph (Only appearance)[1]
  • Bart Matson (Only appearance)[1]
  • Gruber (Only appearance)[1]
  • Clinton Lyman (Only appearance)[1]





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  • Dick Purcell as Captain America (Grant Gardner)
  • Lorna Gray as Gail Richards
  • Lionel Atwell as The Scarab (Dr. Cyrus Maldor)
  • Charles Trowbridge as Dryden
  • Russell Hicks as Randolph
  • George J. Lewis as Bart Matson
  • John Davidson as Gruber
  • Norman Nesbitt as the Newscaster
  • Frank Reicher as Clinton Lyman (Chapter 1)
  • Hugh Sothern as Eldon Dodge (Chapters 2-5)
  • Tom Chatterton as J. C. Henley (Chapters 6-8)
  • Robert Frazer as Clinton Lyman (Chapters 10-12)
  • John Hamilton as G. F. Hillman (Chapters 13-14)
  • Crane Whitley as Dirk (Chapters 11-12)
  • Wilson Benge as Lyman's Butler

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  • Republic Studios was notorious for making arbitrary changes in their adaptations. This occurred with Captain America more than most.
    • His secret identity is District Attorney Grant Gardner rather than U.S. Army Private Steve Rogers.
    • The "Super-Soldier Serum" origin is not used.
    • His famous shield does not appear, replaced by a standard revolver.
    • Despite the fact that this serial was made in 1944, and Captain America regularly fought Nazis in the comics, the Nazis are not part of the story in any way.
    • His sidekick, Bucky, does not appear.
  • Timely Comics was unhappy with the omission of Steve Rogers, the lack of an army setting and his use of a gun. Republic responded in writing that the sample pages provided by Timely did not indicate that Captain America was a soldier called Steve Rogers, nor that he did not carry a revolver. They also noted that the serial was well into production by this point and they could not return to the original concept without expensive retakes and dubbing. Finally, they pointed out that Republic was under no contractual obligation to do any of this.
  • The Captain America costume was really grey, white and dark blue as these colors photographed better in black and white. The costume also lost the wings on the head, the pirate boots became high shoes and the chain-mail became normal cloth. Miniature flags were added to the gloves and the belt buckle became a small shield.
  • The serial was re-released on September 30, 1953, under the new title Return of Captain America.
  • In Captain America #219, it is revealed that a Captain America serial also exists within the Marvel continuity. In this version, Captain America himself plays the role (in secret), taking the place of the stunt man who was shot during production due to the prop master being the Nazi spy Lyle Dekker. Like the real-life serial, Cap's shield is replaced with a standard gun, his identity is changed, and his sidekick Bucky is absent.[2]

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