On Earth-99315 the Kree conquered the planet Earth. In order to mock the human race many Kree soldiers usurped the identities of many of Earths heroes. One such group were the so-called Kree Avengers, which included members who stole the identities and powers of Captain America, Iron Man, Giant-Man, and the Scarlet Witch. When the planet Earth was later invaded by an insectoid race similar to (but different from) the Brood, the Kree abandoned the world and left humanity to their fate. The Kree Avengers were relocated to the Blue Area of the Moon and were tasked with hunting down any stray humans. When Margali Szardos transported the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 to Earth-99315 to help save the Earth they were attacked by the Kree Avengers on the Moon. The Fantastic Four managed to escape by stealing the Kree's Quinjet and using it to flee to Earth.[1]

The surviving members of the Kree Avengers were later plucked from their reality by the enigmatic Time-Keepers along with other "evil" Avengers from across them multiverse to fight in the Destiny War. They clashed with Kang and his army of "good" Avengers who were trying to prevent the Time-Keepers from wiping out Earth-616.[2] Ultimately Kang's side won and the Time-Keepers were defeated. With the battle over the Kree Avengers and the others were all returned to their proper realities.[3]


Presumably the Kree Captain America has the same powers and abilities as Captain America.


A shield similar to one that was used by Captain America.

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