Quote1 That's the thing -- the thing that makes Captain America Steve Rogers! Quote2
-- Bucky

Appearing in "What Makes the Man"

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for "What Makes the Man"

While flying towards a dangerous mission in 1942, Bucky tries to figure out what makes Captain America so special. He recalls a story that Steve Rogers recounted to him about how in 1940 he was declared 4F, unfit for military service. On his way home, he ran across a FBI agent who was dying. The agent told Rogers that he had busted in on a Fifth Columnist Cell and gave him an amulet that he said must be returned to the Timely Building. Rogers then ran from the Nazi collaborators, nearly getting himself killed in the process. He refused to give up, however, because of the love he felt for his country. He eventually got away and returned the amulet, which had a secret formula inscribed upon it that was actually the Super-Soldier Formula. After leaving the office, Rogers is approached by the person recruiting for the Super-Soldier program to be its first recruit. Bucky then comes to the conclusion that Steve Rogers is what makes Captain America so great.


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