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Appearing in "Dynamos of Death"

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Synopsis for "Dynamos of Death"

A group of crooks wait in a secret hideout for the call from their boss to being. Just as it gets dark enough they get the call to get ready for their attack. Out on the streets that night are Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes who are out in the theater district. Suddenly, the lights go out and a group of strange glowing skeletons attack the people on the streets, mowing people down and robbing them of their valuable. Steve and James attempt to fight off the attackers but they disappear as suddenly as they appear. Deciding to investigate things further, they change into Captain America and Bucky.

They first go to the local power house to investigate why the power went out and find that the technicians on site are dead. Hearing some people coming into the building, Cap and Bucky hide out to see what they can learn. From the shadows they watch as the police arrive with the superintendent of the power house. The superintendent is furious that there were no police guard posted at the power station and the police promise to place guards at the door after replacement workers are put into place.

When the police leave and the new technicians arrive with a large black bag, Cap and Bucky realize find that they are the thieves from earlier, after they start removing the valuables from the bag and revealing their glowing costumes. When Captain America and Bucky attack they are overpowered and knocked out. When they come around they find themselves tied to one of the power houses dynamos. The superintendent tells them that they are planning another heist, and that when they will be done long before the police posted outside can break down the steel door. As an added bonus the intend to activate the dynamo the two heroes are attached in order to electrocute them to death.

However, when they are left alone, Cap manages to struggle close to the power chord that connects to the dynamo and unplugs it so when the crooks hit the power nothing happens. Cap and Bucky break free and during the course of the fight, Cap tosses the leader of the gang into a live wire, electrocuting him to death. Soon after the police enter the building and arrest the gang.

Appearing in "The Walking Corpse"

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Synopsis for "The Walking Corpse"

The death row inmate known as the Slasher's time has finally come and he is to be executed on the electric chair. Begging for his life, his pleas are unheeded and he is soon electrocuted. As he dies, he vows to come back and get revenge against those who were responsible for his execution.

Later that night it seems that the Slasher's threats have come true when the crook bursts in on Judge Romer, the man responsible for sentencing Slasher to death. The seemingly resurrected Slasher then stabs Romer to death. When the news hits the airwaves, it is heard by the Human Torch and Toro who decide to go an investigate. They arrive at the scene of the crime to find the police gathering evidence. When they find the murder weapon, it is dusted for prints and the officers on the scene are shocked to see that they match that of the Slasher. When it's suggested that the Slasher is responsible for the murder Detective Brady dismisses the idea and storms out.

The Torch and Toro are at least convinced that someone is trying to kill those responsible for sending Slasher to the electric chair and they fly off to protect the next likely target, District Attorney Hogan. They arrive just as the Slasher is about to stab the D.A. and attack. Slasher is ready for them however when he throws bottles of knock out gas in the heroes faces and another in the face of the D.A. before fleeing. With the D.A. saved the Torch tells him to lock himself up tight while they try to find a tail on the killer.

The Torch and Toro go to the cemetery where the Slasher was buried and dig up his grave. When they get down to the coffin, someone attacks them from behind knocking them out and attempts to bury them alive inside the coffin while he eliminates the rest of his victims. Inside the coffin, the Torch and Toro find that Slasher's body is still inside, and someone had cut off his hand. Burning their way free from the grave the Torch and Toro race to the police station where the D.A. and jury for the Slasher trial are being kept for their safety. They arrive just as the man posing as Slasher stabs the guard in the back.

The Torch and Toro pile on him and knock him out before he can kill anyone else. With the "Slasher" incapacitated, Toro unmasks him revealing that "Slasher" is really Detective Brady. Soon they learn that Brady was the Slasher's brother.

Appearing in "The Thing in the Swamp"

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Synopsis for "The Thing in the Swamp"

As newly built American bombers pound Nazi Germany, Nazi agents meet to discuss this new development in the war. Deciding that the best way to limit Allied damage, they send their agent Major von Kaulus to the United States by plane to destroy the manufacturing plant that builds the new American bombers.

As Von Kaulus and his co-pilot Hans fly over American airspace they are tailed by American fighter planes. They are quickly shot down and crash land in Keecheebee Swamp. The American fighters pull back believing that nobody could survive the crash or the harsh conditions of the swamp. The Major and his co-pilot survive the crash, however Hans is gravely injured. Much to Von Kaulus' surprise elements in the swamp cause Hans to mutate into a brute like creature. Taking advantage of this strange turn of events, Kaulus has the creature carry him through the swamp to the nearby bomber factory to carry out his mission.

When they arrive, the kill one of the guards and enter the main hanger. There they are confronted by more guards, and although the creature is immune to bullets, Kaulus begins to fear that he will be struck and orders a retreat. Nearby, Steve Rogers and James Barnes hear of the attack and go into action as Captain America and Bucky. Meeting with the factory security, they learn that the attackers fled into Keecheebee Swamp and follow in after them. While Kaulus and his creature rest at their crashed air plane to plan their next course of action, Cap and Bucky struggle through the swamp to find them. They eventually cross paths leading to a fight between the two heroes and the Nazi creature. When the creature seemingly kills Captain America, Kaulus knocks out Bucky and they leave the boy to drown in the swamp while they go off to attack the factory again.

However, Bucky revives before he can drown and finds Cap to find that he is still alive. They arrive at the factory just as Kaulus and his creature are attacking once again. Seeing this as a losing battle, Kaulus and his creature climb into a plane and take off. Cap and Bucky follow after him in a plane. When Kaulus sees that he is being followed, he orders the creature out of the plane. It jumps onto Cap's plane. When the two heroes fail to fight the creature off their craft, they set it on a collision course with the other plane and abandon ship. As they parachute out of the plane they witness it colliding with Kaulus' plane, killing both the Nazi and his creature in an explosion. Back at camp as they read about their exploits in the paper in their civilian guises, Steve and Bucky are reemed out by Sgt. Duffy for not doing the most they can for their army like Captain America and Bucky.

Appearing in "The Human Beast"

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Synopsis for "The Human Beast"

Steve Rogers and James Barnes are returning to Camp Lehigh one day when they hear gunshots coming from a nearby building. Changing into Captain America and Bucky the pair go and investigate. There they find a woman calling herself the Cat Woman robbing an apartment. Cap easily overpowers her and she gives up. However, when Cap has his guard down the girl bites him and manages to run away. Chasing her to the roof, Cap and Bucky are shocked to see her dive off it. Running to the ledge, Cap sees that she has grabbed a flag pole a few floors below and uses it to crawl into one of the windows. Cap follows after her in the same method while Bucky runs down to the ground floor to try and stop her there.

The Cat Woman manages to give Bucky the slip and when the boy chases after her in the streets an apparent good Samaritan tries to stop him from "mashing" the girl, allowing the Cat Woman to escape. When Cap pulls the man off Bucky, he claims it was an honest mistake and leaves. Suspecting the man might have been planted to help the Cat Woman escape, the two heroes follow after him. Riding on the back of the mans car, they are taken to a building where they find the Cat Woman and her minions. Bursting in, Cap and Bucky make short work of the Cat Woman's hired thugs, but the woman herself manages to escape.

Chasing after her, they spot the woman climb into her car and try to drive away. Cap and Bucky jump onto the roof and try to gain access while standing on the running boards. Not wishing to be captured, the Cat Woman hits the gas and speeds toward a lamp post. Cap and Bucky bail out and the Cat Woman is killed in the fatal crash.


The Captain America story "The Human Beast" is almost identical to the story titled "The Horror of the Catwoman" featured in Marvel Mystery Comics #63. In that story, the Angel battles a costumed female who also calls herself the Cat-Woman.

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