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Cap Corps
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Formerly Contemplator (Leader), Captain America (Rogers) (Field Leader)
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Beast, Daredevil, Doctor Pym, Electro, Henry Gyrich, Jean DeWolff, Misty Knight, Nick Fury,Paladin, Power Man, Punisher, Sam Wilson, Spider-Man, Techno, Tigra, Ulysses Bloodstone, Wyatt Wingfoot
Information-silk.png Origin
Five patriotic super heroes brought together to free America from the tyrannic Americommand
Information-silk.png Place of Dissolution


Upon arriving on Earth-11418,[1] the Captain America Corps were captured and sent to Seagate Prison.[2] They escaped prison and branded as criminals.[3] Eventually meeting up with Nick Fury,[4] they and numerous political prisoners overthrew Americommand.[5]


  • Contemplator once similarly enlisted the help of four Captain America at once, but they worked individually.[6]

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