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Quote1.png Scratch one flyer. Hope there aren't many more of those around. Star discs aren't cheap. Quote2.png
-- American Dream

Appearing in "Missing in Action"

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  • American Dream's motorcycle


Synopsis for "Missing in Action"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

A mysterious Cosmic Entity has recruited five brave patriots for the ultimate commando mission. Their names are legend: The U.S. Agent, American Dream, Commander A, Captain America, and ... Captain America?! But what threat is so grave that two Captain Americas are needed? Who will lead the team? Can even these mighty heroes save our nation -- and the world -- in time? And what is the AmeriCommand? New York Times best-selling author Roger Stern (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) joins forces with artist Phillipe Briones (AMERICAN SON) to provide the answers!


Bucky Barnes is removed from and returned to his timeline in the midst of Captain America #611.

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