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An international terrorist calling himself "General Miguel" kidnaps Professor Ian Ilson and forces him to develop an age-speeding chemical to use as a weapon. Miguel tests it in the population of Belleville and then blackmails the American government by spreading it in Portland.

Fortunately, Dr. Simon Mills is one of Ilson's allies, and he recruits Steve Rogers to track Miguel. Rogers convinces one inhabitant of Belleville, Helen Moore, to help him, and with the assistance of her son, Rogers finally finds Miguel's lair in a federal penitentiary. Captain America fights Miguel's minions, and finally Miguel himself is accidentally splashed with the chemical. The villain dies of old age in a matter of seconds, and Captain America grabs enough antidote for Rogers and Mills to heal the Portlanders.



  • Connie Sellecca takes over for Heather Menzies in the role of Dr. Wendy Day in this film.
  • Ivan Nagy, later infamous for his connection to Heidi Fleiss before she was prosecuted for prostitution, directed this film.


Speculations about "General Miguel's" identity (which the film never truly reveals) include the possibility that he may be British; this seems most likely, as Christopher Lee, who acted out Miguel, was British himself.

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