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Captain America
Listen to me! The Sleeper is the deadliest thing on earth! If you think I'll risk your life --
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Sharon Carter (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 102 001.jpg
Agent Thirteen
Has anyone ever told you how handsome you are when your eyes flash that way?
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Appearing in ""The Sleeper Strikes""

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Synopsis for ""The Sleeper Strikes""

Continued from last issue... Captain America has failed in stopping the Red Skull from awakening a fourth Sleeper robot (which can become intangible and is destroying strategic US locations with its power blasts) but he has succeeded in retrieving the sonic key needed to control the Sleeper. As Cap and Agent 13 try to track the Sleeper on its path of destruction, the Red Skull sends his troops to try and stop the heroes from destroying the robot, an effort which is ended in failure. Captain America and Agent 13 locate the sleeper and with the sonic key manage to coax it above ground where Cap battles it. It's a losing fight because Cap is unable to cause the powerful robot any harm, however Agent 13's powerful feelings for Cap have an effect on the sonic key causing it to shatter and the fourth Sleeper to disintegrate, defeating it once and for all and saving the United States from further destruction at its hands.


  • This issue contians a letters page, Let's Yap With Cap. Letters are published from Douglas Moench, Dannis Porter, Frank Mazuck, Jeff Pierce, David Lamazoff, and Neil Telafor.

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