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Quote1 I've taught you all I can friend! Quote2
Captain America

Appearing in "The Falcon Fights On!"

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Synopsis for "The Falcon Fights On!"

Continued from last issue...

The Exiles continue their search of Exile Island for the Red Skull, unaware that their former leader has used the Cosmic Cube to switch bodies with his hated foe Captain America, or that Cap has trained Sam Wilson how to fight and provided him the identity of the Falcon. The Red Skull, still in Captain America's body watches through the Cosmic Cube as his Exiles still seek out his hated enemy. The Red Skull is furious at this bungling until he realizes that Captain America must have realized that he is wearing a Red Skull mask and took it off and that the reason why the Exiles have not found him yet is because the Red Skull never showed his minions his real face. However, the Red Skull rationalizes that there is no way off the island and decides to let his Exiles to continue their hunt unaided in the hopes that they will ultimately destroy Captain America without his help.

The Exiles spot Redwing, the Falcon's pet falcon and attempt to shoot the bird out of the sky, but miss. The shots alert Cap and Falcon of the Exiles approach and they prepare for their enemies by continuing Falcon's fight training. Falcon feels right at home in learning how to fight, reminding him of all the street gangs he used to fight with when he was back home in Harlem.

Meanwhile, the Red Skull has decided to rest before checking back on Captain America, however his sleep is disturbed when he gets a call from the hotel's front desk. The hotel clerk tells "Captain America" that a throng of his loyal fans have showed up wanting to see him. When one of Cap's admirers learns what room "Cap" is staying in, he leads the horde of eager fans up the stairs to meet their favorite super-hero. Using this as an opportunity to smear Captain America's good name, the Red Skull uses the power of the Cosmic Cube to avoid his enemies fans and then runs out on them, leaving them upset that their "hero" had run out on them. While at Avengers Mansion, Rick Jones laments over being rejected by "Captain America", little realizing it was really the Red Skull posing as his mentor. Ripping up his Bucky mask, Rick decides to leave and try to find his own way[1].

While at the secret headquarters of Advanced Idea Mechanics, the scientists are working hard at creating a device that will allow them to prevent the Cosmic Cube from being used by other parties and return the device to their clutches. Creating a crystalline sphere that will do the job, the AIM scientists prepare phase three of their recovery operation.

Back on Exile Island, Captain America and the Falcon are ready to face the Exiles and get the drop on the group. While they are out numbered, Cap and the Falcon have the element of surprise against their foes, and as the Red Skull watches in frustration as they manage to hold their own against his minions. The tide of the battle are turned full in Cap and Falcon's favor when the locals, inspired by the two heroes join in the battle staging a full out revolution against the Exiles. The locals manage to drive the Exiles into fleeing from the scene. The Red Skull, furious at Captain America's continued survival decides the time for Captain America to die is soon at hand. On the island, the Falcon thanks Cap for all his help, Captain America however is grim as he senses that the Red Skull is watching him and is preparing for the final battle.

This story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

The Falcon fights his first battle - side by side with Cap!


  • AIM headquarters is shown to be on an unidentified island this issue. Some might conjecture that this is located on their later identified island headquarters of Boca Caliente.
  • John Romita Sr. drew Captain America's head for the cover and also did cover retouches.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Alexander G. Godlevsky, Garrett Everett, Steve Gerber, and John Hall.

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America Vol 1 118 [1]


  1. See Captain Marvel #17 for that story!