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Quote1 I've been waiting for a cause I could sink my teeth into! Quote2
Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Appearing in "Captured in Vietnam!"

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Synopsis for "Captured in Vietnam!"

Upset that his relationship with Sharon Carter has ended over a believed betrayal, Steve Rogers tries to get his mind off Sharon and decides to watch the six o'clock news. The top story of the night is about the disappearance of Dr. Robert Hoskins a medical doctor that has been helping the wounded on both sides of the Vietnam conflict. Realizing that this will agitate both sides into more conflict, Captain America decides to get involved and find Hoskin before it's too late. Using his Avengers ID card, Captain America gets an audience with the director of the Defense Department and arranges to take the next plane into Vietnam.

Flying over the region in a B-52 Bomber, Captain America parachutes into the jungle below, where he changes into his uniform. He soon finds himself in the middle of a firefight between opposing sides and is forced to duck into a ditch to avoid getting shot and the danger to pass. Cap soon realizes that coming to a jungle in his Captain America costume might not have been one of his greatest ideas. Searching the jungle, he spots a trip wire and pretends to fall for it to see who attacks him. To his surprise, he is attacked by a group of Asian men who are not wearing uniforms that belong to either the north or south Vietnamese armies, making him wonder who is behind the kidnapping. Captain America allows himself to be captured to see where they take him. To his surprise, he is taken to a castle that is presently being occupied by Iron Man's old foe the Mandarin. The Mandarin explains to Cap that he captured Hoskin in order to increase the conflict to decimate both sides of the war so that he can take over the region easier.

Captain America breaks free, an manages to fight off the Mandarin's troops and faces off against the Mandarin one-on-one. Although the Mandarin has the superior power of his rings, Captain America is able to deflect the different blasts with his shield. When one of the Mandarin's blasts causes a fire, Captain America uses it's cover to escape and find th dungeon where he frees Hoskin's from his cell. As they are exiting from the castle draw bridge, the Mandarin blocks their path. However, Captain America deflects the Mandarin's ring blast with his shield, causing it to strike one of the drawbridge's chains breaking it and sending the Mandarin into the moat below. Jumping to safety, Captain America and Hoskin manage to get free and he is reunited with the people he's come to help. In the aftermath, Captain America is glad that Hoskin's is back and that his aid can help bring peace to the troubled region. However, Captain America has a bleaker outlook of his tomorrows as he walks in the rain to the the plane that will take him back to America.

Solicit Synopsis

It had to happen! Our red-white-and-blue Avenger finally battles in Viet Nam—but not the way you expect! And watch for the surprise villain!


  • References to the Vietnam War should be considered topical in nature due to Earth-616's sliding time scale.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Ron Zoracki, Byron Preiss, D. S. Tanner, Dan Hurles, Chris Starb, Mark Klein, Ricky Rogers and John Albaugh.

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